Pictures of friends, lovers, coworkers or strangers. Just people.

  1. Low key self portrait

    Shuffle 06 - 1/10/22

  2. A person from the back in the foreground walking towards a hill with sheep on top of it and the setting sun in the background

    Join the herd

  3. Myself in front of window

    Shuffle 01 - 13/8/1

  4. An elderly woman eating an ice cream in the street

    The inner child never dies

  5. The back of a person sit on a rock in the foreground facing the setting sun and a moutain in the background

    On her own

  6. Two women smelling the scent of a white flower

    Scent of joy

  7. A woman butt naked watching through an opened window

    Good morning

  8. A woman wearing only a shirt looking through an opened window

    Curves & lines

  9. A woman wearing only a shirt opening a window

    And another day…

  10. A woman butt naked lied down on a sofa


  11. A woman taking a shower behind a steamy glass


  12. A woman naked lied down on a sofa in front of a stove

    Peaceful moment

  13. A young woman with orange hair

    Something orange

  14. The face of a woman through her toes

    Someone you love

  15. Self-portrait with lines on the ceiling of a train


  16. Picture of a stage from the crowd

    Concert view

  17. Self-portrait immersed in a bubbling bathtub

    It's silent in here

  18. Self-portrait

    Self portrait n°2

  19. Portrait through a mirror of a woman doing her make up

    Portrait without a face

  20. Muffled woman on a cold night

    It's cold

  21. Close up portrait of a woman with light on her right side


  22. Long exposure self-portrait

    Me, myself & I

  23. Half naked woman on a sofa yelling as hard as she can

    Make some noise

  24. Self portrait with my special plush

    With your eyes wide open

  25. Feet of a woman lied down on a bed reading a book

    My friend's feet

  26. Portrait of a friend lied down on a bed


  27. Cover of the calendar with the back of a shirtless well-shaped man


  28. A glimpse of the face of a woman in the commute

    The beauty behind

  29. Living room of a woman, she is sitting on the ground and watching for something on her computer

    Her place

  30. Blurry picture of a group of people in a enlighten garden during summer

    Summer happiness

  31. Close up of a man watching far away and beyond

    Looking forward with his dreams

  32. Backlight of a man with a group of people in the background around a table into the light

    Fleeing the light

  33. Close up of a baby sleeping


  34. Perle Lama on stage in a backlight

    Perle Lama

  35. Close up of Mell on stage


  36. Babet playing the violin on stage


  37. Close up of Wax Tailor's singer on stage

    Wax Tailor

  38. Black Strobe's bassist on stage

    Black Strobe

  39. Close up of Dumas' singer on stage


  40. Backlight of a Champion musician


  41. Close up of Tété on stage


  42. Close up of Daphné singing


  43. Black and white close up of Aaron's singer


  44. Boudoir portrait of a young woman in lingerie

    She's ready