1. A woman lying down on a bench right under the shadow of a tree on a rural path

    Have a break

  2. A stone stairway with flowery steps in a street

    Flowery steps

  3. A woman going through an arch in a medieval street

    Through the gate to the unknown

  4. A dark hallway to go through

    Dark alley

  5. An old lady in a yellow street watching at some Tattoo shop

    Someone gives this lady a tattoo

  6. An abandoned church with the sun in place of the bell tower

    God, is it you?

  7. A flowery small house made of red bricks

    Red bricks everywhere…

  8. Framed castle within the window of an older castle

    The castle inside the castle

  9. View of a street with lines everywhere, in every direction

    Lines, lines everywhere

  10. Barely lit path on a very foggy night


  11. A door barely lit in a cold autumn night in Paris

    Calm behind the door

  12. In a train wagon two legs are stepping out in the alley, one with pants and shiny dark shoes, the other with a skirt and shiny dark heels

    Same, but different

  13. Electric lines for trains

    From a low angle

  14. View of a crowded train from the reflection of the ceiling

    Everybody is a nobody

  15. Path in the night during a snowfall with people going home after work.

    Let it snow

  16. Barely lit train station platform

    Train station quality time

  17. Aisle in a supermarket with so much lines

    My shopping cart

  18. Lines in a walkway of the parisian tube

    Parisian's tube